Bryan Patterson and Universal Squash

In 1986 Bryan organized the first Universal Squash/Bryan Patterson Squash Camps, running three weeks, at Portsmouth Squash Club. These were a huge success with many English and European top juniors attending. These Camps became well known, not only for their intense squash programme but also because the residential juniors were housed with local families.

In 1991 Bryan moved to the Lee-on-Solent Tennis and Squash Club as the Head Squash Professional. Again the Club had a very strong junior programme and Bryan was able to continue working with juniors of all levels. The Universal Squash Camps continued at the Lee-on-Solent Club, with free Squash Camps being won by the winners of all age groups of the Lee-on-Solent Junior Squash Open Championship.

The Universal Squash Bryan Patterson Squash Camps continued being run at the Lee-on-Solent Club until 2002, when the Camps moved to the Chichester Tennis and Squash Club in Chichester, West Sussex. In 2007 the Camps moved back to the Lee-on-Solent Club. The Camps have attracted juniors players not only from Europe but from around the World, with junior players from as far afield as South America, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Latvia, and North America. Tim Vale is the head squash coach at the Lee-on-Solent Club and the organizer of these camps. Tim is an exciting player to watch, with an array of nick and pressure shots. Tim represented England at the under 19 level and has played the PSA World Ciruit.

In 2001 Bryan introduced more Camps to the Universal Squash Camps itinerary, with Santiago Spain, Amsterdam Holland and Cologne Germany being added. The Holland and Germany tour includes playing in the Pioneer Cup in Germany and the Dutch Junior Open in Amsterdam. In 2004 Universal Squash introduced the Since '86 Junior Open Tournament into the camps at Chichester. These four tournaments in Spain, Germany, Holland, and England now make a terrific Tournament Tour. Juniors not only experience hard work in Squash Camps but also gain valuable experience playing in these international tournaments. In Spain they have an hour per day of conversational Spanish. Although squash is the primary reason for these tours we also include site seeing whenever possible. The Old City of Santiago, a river Rhine cruise, a canal tour in Amsterdam, Old Portsmouth in the U.K., and other visits where possible.

Joe Russell joined Universal Squash as a director in 2004. Joe's first experience with Universal Squash was as a pupil way back in 1989. Joe has played the PSA World Tour and been a member of the English Junior Nation Squads. He brings a wealth of experience to the company both on and off the court. His teaching abilities and fun attitude make being on court with Joe a terrific experience.

Universal Squash also hosts inner city squash players from Urban Squash Programmes. One urban group is sponsored by the Kathy Chirls Foundation. These juniors attend a week of Universal Squash Camps.

Universal Squash also has Adult Squash Camps. There are adult Camps at the Lee-on-Solent Tennis and Squash Club and in Philadelphia at the Squash Club at CHASS.

Universal Squash will continue to organize and run Squash Camps and Sports Camps around the world. These Camps will bring not only intense, but fun, squash experiences for those wanting to improve their squash.

KEEP SWINGING and see you at Universal Squash Camps.